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Indian Hawthorne Spots December 31, 2013

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Have you noticed spots on your Indian Hawthorne plants?

Leaf spots on Indian Hawthorne can be evidence of Entomosporium leaf spot, Cercospora leaf spot or anthracnose. All are caused by fungi that spread by spores.

Temperatures between 59°F and 77°F favor Entomosporium leaf spot. Warm temperatures and wet conditions favor anthracnose and Cercospora leaf spot. Dry conditions are less conducive to disease development.

Although it is difficult to control the weather, you can reduce disease potential by:

  • replacing overhead irrigation with drip irrigation (which also helps conserve water).
  • watering in early morning, or close to dew point, to reduce the amount of time moisture remains on leaves.
  • changing irrigation practices when weather (for example, rainfall) favors disease development.
  • improving air circulation around plants.
  • pruning and removing dead and diseased branches.
  • collecting leaves with symptoms and disposing them in the trash (not in the compost pile).
  • following the 3rd Florida-Friendly LandscapingTM principle and fertilizing appropriately, to discourage disease development.
  • following the 4th Florida-Friendly LandscapingTM principle and applying a two to three inch layer of mulch.
  • selecting disease resistant cultivars.
  • using and rotating fungicides when appropriate.
  • learning what is normal in your garden and scouting regularly for pests and diseases.

The UF/IFAS Extension Hillsborough County provides information about plant disease and can assist you with symptom identification. Contact our office if you have questions or need assistance with sample submission. In some cases, sample analysis by a laboratory may be necessary to determine the exact cause of disease.


Nicole Pinson
Extension Agent – Urban Horticulture
Master Gardener Coordinator
UF/IFAS Extension Hillsborough County
5339 County Road 579
Seffner, FL 33584-3334
p: (813) 744-5519 X 54145



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