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Master Gardeners Visit Riverview Flower Farm March 1, 2011

Each month, the UF IFAS Extension Master Gardener volunteers of Hillsborough County have the opportunity to learn something new and exciting about the plant world.

During their annual planning meeting in the Fall, Master Gardeners vote on their choices for a variety of educational field trips and/or lectures.

Last month, they voted to visit Riverview Flower Farm, a wholesale nursery that is responsible for those fantastic Florida Friendly Plants™ you see at your local Home Depot stores.

Rick Brown, owner of Riverview Flower Farm, was more than happy to show us around and talk about the sustainable practices he’s incorporated into the daily operations of his nursery, like composting and garlic pest repellent.

But rather than go into a long diatribe about it here, I’m going to link you to another blog by Meems, a fellow Master Gardener and all-round plant lover — http://www.hoeandshovel.com/2011/02/riverview-flower-farm-field-trip.html.


2 Responses to “Master Gardeners Visit Riverview Flower Farm”

  1. Rick Brown Says:

    Thanks, Marina. I will host the Master gardeners anytime. They are amazing folks and a tribute to our great society.

  2. Anne with an E Says:

    Wow! I got so much information from that website. I’ve been ever so slowly getting rid of my front lawn by replacing it with drought resistant plants. I can’t wait to get some of the Florida Friendly Sedum!

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